Erica Harriss Opposes Taxing Retirement Income; Delivers Remarks with Tom Demmer

Erica Conway Harriss, Candidate for State Senate in the 56th District has released remarks delivered during a visit to Edwardsville by candidate for State Treasurer Rep. Tom Demmer:

Complete remarks of Erica Conway Harriss, delivered 8/31, upon the visit of Rep. Tom Demmer to Edwardsville:

"Here in Madison County we are proud of our small, medium and industrial businesses that continue to put down roots and employ our residents.They each have their own storied histories that have helped cultivate our community into what it is today.But, to keep our region growing, spur innovation and strengthen our economy and tax base, we must attract and retain top talent.

As a business owner, I know how tough this can be, now more than ever. In border communities like ours, we witness first-hand the reality of what competing with more tax-friendly states means when trying to attract families and businesses.

We strive to make our part of Illinois a place where families want to plant roots to live, work and retire, but with every new increase leads to fewer families and job creators. On top of our perennial tax and spend system, Treasurer Frerichs has floated the idea that we should add another tax, this time on our retirees. One of the competitive advantages that we enjoy in Illinois is that we let retirees keep their money. That cannot change. I can tell you, here in the Metro East, that will only cause more hardships and less growth.

Across the 56th District, I hear everyday that voters are over-taxed and struggling to get by. I’m running to provide relief to those families, not more of the status quo, and certainly not to put additional taxes on them.” – Erica Conway Harriss, Candidate for State Senate in the 56th District