Congressman Shimkus Hosts Erica Harriss in Collinsville

Candidate Erica Harriss and Congressman Shimkus pose with a yard sign

Shimkus Urges Need for Change in Metro East Representation, Supports Candidate Erica Harriss

COLLINSVILLE, IL - Erica Harriss, Republican Candidate for State Senate in the 56th District, was joined on at Mungo's Italian Eatery in Collinsville on Tuesday by Congressman John Shimkus and dozens of locals in support of her campaign. Shimkus, a Collinsville resident, retired from Congress in 2021, but remains committed to electing proven leaders to represent the Metro East in state and local races.

"I am very proud to have earned Congressman Shimkus' support in my race for State Senate," Erica said. "He has been such an important figure in this community and understands the unique challenges that both the Metro East and Southern Illinois face. Our future depends on electing people who can govern and who will represent the people of their district above all, which Congressman Shimkus did throughout his career."

Congressman Shimkus briefly addressed the crowd, which included numerous local leaders and residents. During his remarks he stressed that Harriss' experience on the Madison County Board, and her passion for community service, would serve her well in Springfield. He stated that it had been many years since Collinsville had been represented by a Republican in the State Senate, that Senator Being Frank Watson early in his career, and that it was time for a change.

During her remarks, Harriss offered deep gratitude for all those who were able to attend, for the support she had received so far, and that she never envisioned going this far in politics, but believes it is the right thing to do. "We all know that the state isn't moving in the right direction. I am running because our future is at stake and our leaders in Springfield have failed to protect jobs, protect our neighborhoods from crime, and will continue to drive up costs and drive out families if left unchecked," Harriss stated.