Senator Tharp remains silent on colleague’s alleged criminal activity

Harriss Calls on Opponent Tharp to denounce criminal conduct:

“Today, I joined a bipartisan group of legislators and candidates in calling for the resignations of Sen. Emil Jones who was indicted for bribery and Sen. Mike Hastings who is accused of beating his wife,” said Candidate for 56th District Senate Seat Erica Harriss. 

“It is egregious that Illinois taxpayers should have to continue to pay these senators' lofty salaries and state pensions while so many families are struggling to make ends meet. The people of our district deserve to know whether my opponent Sen. Kris Tharp who serves with, and is funded by the same organization as Senators Jones and Hastings, will stand up for Illinois taxpayers and join me in calling for his colleagues' resignations, or if he will stand silently with the accused.”